Kitchen Fitters in Liverpool

Kitchen Fitters in Liverpool

Finding a good kitchen fitter is hard especially in Liverpool. You want someone that gets your idea of the perfect kitchen. As well as someone that can advise you on what could make it even better when you’re unaware of all the options. When someone asks who should they choose I always tell them to go with N Design Building Services.


When choosing the cabinets you have several options to go with. You can get them from places like B&Q, Wickes or Homebase, which while cheaper they are not as custom. Another option is to go with custom made cabinets which will give you the freedom of any design and quality as long as your budget allows it. Ask the kitchen fitter what they would do in you situation to aquire a different perspective.

Sinks and Taps

You have a few option when choosing sinks as they come in a few types. From stainless steel to ceramic and even stone. While stainless steel is easy to clean it does scratch easily so it will not stay as shiny as it is when new. Ceramic sinks are great but are a lot more expensive as are stone sinks. They also usually take up a lot more space and are heavier.
For taps you really want a mixer kitchen tap as it makes everything so much easier. You can also go for a tap that features an extending hose to make cleaning pans and filling containers easier. Another great feature to look for is a filtered water tap, you will get cleaner water and less limescale build up in your kettle. They can come in a variety of finishes but most common being chrome.


There are a few finishes that you can have, some more common than others
Wood – Wooden flooring is expensive but it has an advantage of being resurfaces many times, and can be finished in a variety of finishes from dark to light.
Laminate – Laminate flooring is the cheaper alternative to wood flooring. Some types can be resurfaced, of course not as much as hardwood flooring. But it has its disadvantages, some types of laminate flooring can be damaged by water, as you can see in the image below.
Tile – From simple ceramic tiles to marble tiles there are many options and colour combinations between some tiles and grout. It is relatively cheap and durable.
Other Finishes – Polished concrete, resin and other types of floor finishes are available but can usually cost a lot more.

Wall Finishes

You will usually find tiled walls and untiled areas painted but you can also have stainless steel splash screens. As well as wood, resin and anything else that can be finished to be easily cleaned. Again with tiles there are a lot of combinations and options.


Countertop colour will dictate the feel of the kitchen, if you want a brighter kitchen, then a light colour countertop will lighten up the room. A light countertop with dark cabinets would also look great as the colours would contrast well. You can get chipboard countertops covered with melamine which is the cheapest option but will also feel cheap. It is a lot better to spend a little bit more for wooden or stone countertops such as marble. Stainless steel can be good if you don’t mind the period where it will get scratched up until the scratches blend in.


The Plan

Update 1: Planning

To any successful and timely project, especially when it’s as big as renovating the whole house is planning. You really need to think about every detail of what you want to accomplish as this is the best way to avoid problems as well as staying in budget. Well as well within budget as possible. The better and more detailed your plan, the better prepared you will be once problems arise. There is no way to escape every problem, there will be some you couldn’t even image. That is why it is always best to add a little bit of extra time and budget to your project.

My Plan

When renovating a two story house it is always a good idea to go from top to bottom. But unfortunately I have a non-functioning kitchen and I need that ASAP so that will be the first part of the project. After the kitchen is fitted I will move back and start from the upstairs bathroom, then bedrooms, moving downwards.

The Begining

The Begining

So not too long ago I moved to Liverpool and finally have bought my first home. It’s far from perfect right now but that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted a house that I will be able to turn into a home, my home just how I want it with every feature and detail decided by me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, this house will need a lot and i mean a lot of work, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, to every other room in the house. Some work has a already been done but I will keep you updated on what has happened and what will in the future.

So follow me on my journey to turn my house into a home, if you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂 till next time!